About Fclinic

About Fclinic

Future Clinic is a leading brand in the application of advanced stem cell technology in the field of health care and beauty, in order to provide comprehensive medical solutions for customers with the most reasonable costs.

Stem cells are “mother” cells, not differentiated and able to differentiate into other cells in the body, repair damaged cells, replace old cells, stimulate the growth of new cell. Because of that ability, stem cells have tremendous potential in repairing aging organs, thereby becoming the solution to many severe diseases. It can be said, stem cells have been, and will open a whole new era in the field of health care and beauty in the future.

At Future Clinic, we are proud of our professional and dedicated team of doctors and nurses with many years of experience in stem cell, health care and beauty in all over the world.


Wishing to bring to the community a good health with best care, best equipment and the most advanced technology, our services include:

– Banking stem cell for infants and adults

  • Cord blood stem cells
  • Placenta and cord tissue stem cells
  • Fatty tissues stem cells (for adults)

– The application of stem cells into body care, prevention of aging, cancer prevention

  • Breast Augmentation and body sculpture
  • Treat erectile dysfunction and penis enlargement with stem cells
  • Hormone balancing therapy
  • IV stem cell therapy
  • Cancer treatment by natural killer cell therapy (NK cell)

– Aesthetics

  • Cosmeceuticals
  • Injection of stem cells (rejuvenation, restoration of aging skin, treatment of hair loss,…)
  • Cosmetic surgery

– And many other services…

We understand that health is the most precious asset for you and your family. That is the reason why we create lifelong support to ensure that all our customers get the most attentive medical care.


Hotline: 0938575594
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